Interactive Installation

Developed as part of our degree show, the installation you see today aims to grant individuals an accessible means to come in contact with rave culture. A culture which is often considered inaccessible by many and demonised by those who do not understand it. The Bare Conductive touch board and conductive inks were used to produce an analog midi interface to control both audio and visual. Said audio and visual components where all produced by Aidan and myself.

The audio visual experience places the user at the heart of the culture by allowing them to simulate what it feels like to be the composer of a rave. Allowing them to build an audio piece paired along side the narrative of three rave participants in video. Clean iconography and instantaneous inputs allows new users to get to grips with the installation in seconds, all without prior guidance. Due to the simplistic nature of the code used to perform the interactions, elements such as visual identity could be changed to produce alternative front facing interactions with great ease. All development and experimentation of the installation can be viewed via the link bellow.

Take a look at the full development process to learn more.

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